Ryan Zimmerman in May 2024

Ryan Zimmerman is filmmaker, photographer, videographer, and graduate from Drexel University. He started out writing and directing at age 11, and over the years has developed interests in photography, editing, and sound - skills he acquired taking on several roles within the production of his own short films. Ryan’s time at Drexel has taught him extensively about on-set work, the film industry, and what it takes to be a self-starter. Ryan has experience in a variety of production positions that include but are not limited to: writing, directing, camera, editing, and photography.

Ryan is currently available for graduation photos, event photography and videography, wedding videos, behind the scenes photography, videography, and more.

Audio/Video Technician
Bethlehem, PA
June 2023 - Present

Set up lighting and audio equipment for corporate events, parties, and concerts.

Test and check equipment to ensure quality of microphones, light fixtures, speakers, mixers, and projectors.

Meet with clients to answer questions, address concerns, and meet any and every need they have.

Wedding Videographer
Eastern PA
Oct 2021 - Present

Shoot the entire wedding day on multiple cameras alongside a second shooter.

Capture a wide variety of of material for use in the edit after the wedding day.

Edited, colored, and mixed the wedding video into multiple packages in Adobe Premiere.

Freelance Photographer
Lehigh Valley Health Network
Lehigh Valley, PA
November 2021 - Present

Photograph a variety of events held at various LVHN locations.

Ensure photos are clear and well-composed while shooting quickly and efficiently.

Quickly compile and organize photos promptly after shooting for the most efficient turnaround time.

Master Control Operator
Allentown, PA
January 2022 - January 2024

Monitor the quality and accuracy of eleven on-air channels.

Ensure transmissions meet government regulations in a fast-paced environment.

Ingest and trim syndicated shows, commercials, and local programming for air.

Music Video Director
Jon Bolds
Philadelphia, PA
Oct 2021

Traveled to Lancaster and Philadelphia, PA to shoot the trailer for artist Jon Bolds' album, "After Dark".

Collaborated with artist Bolds to develop a strong and unique vision for the trailer.

Edited, colored, and mixed the trailer in Adobe Premiere.

Galactic TV Intern
Skybound Entertainment
Los Angeles, CA
Sept 2019 - Mar 2020

Authored thorough, detail-oriented script coverage

Assisted Galactic TV Executives in essential administrative tasks

Researched and Compiled lists of potential talent for in-development programming.

Reviewed dozens of films, books, and scripts to expand company's network of potential talent and crew.

Development Intern
Smart Entertainment
Los Angeles, CA
July 2019 - September 2019

Read and created coverage based upon various submitted screenplays and TV pilots.

Sought out and compiled research on new potential projects to build upon and develop.

Cover phones and assist Smart Entertainment Executives in active meetings and conference calls.

Music Video Director
Bonsai Trees Band
Philadelphia, PA
March 2019

Traveled on tour with the band, documented the trip and shows for later use in the music video with full creative liberty

Added special effects, photos, and color grading to the video in Adobe Premiere.

Compiled, organized, and edited the footage into an entertaining and fun music video.